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Jami Gertz, the name might not scream Hollywood megastar, yet whispers abound of jami gertz net worth billionaire status. Intrigued? Delve into the fascinating reality behind Jami Gertz’s net worth, exploring how an actress navigated Hollywood and beyond to secure a financial fortune far exceeding expectations. This journey unravels the unexpected twists and turns that led her to become one of the wealthiest celebrities, leaving many wondering: how did it all happen? Explore the secrets behind Jami Gertz’s net worth and discover the surprising truth of her financial success.

Who is Jami Gertz?

Jami Gertz is an American actress and businesswoman who has worked in the entertainment industry for decades. This is a list of her achievements.

Overview of Jami Gertz

Career in Acting

Parts in well-known motion pictures, including Quicksilver, Less than Zero, Twister, Sixteen Candles, and The Lost Boys. Appearances on television in sitcoms such as Square Pegs, The Neighbors, and Still Standing.

Extensive work in television movies and mini-series throughout her career

Business Ventures

  • Co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team alongside her husband, Tony Ressler.
  • Involved in other investment ventures through her husband’s hedge fund firm.


  • Recognized as one of the most generous celebrities, with Gertz and her husband being named the top celebrity donors to charity in 2010.
  • Serves as a board director for the Melanoma Research Alliance and actively supports other charitable causes.

Personal Life

  • Married to businessman Tony Ressler since 1989.
  • Mother of three children.

Interesting Facts

  • Originally intended to pursue a career in figure skating before transitioning to acting.
  • Holds the distinction of being one of the wealthiest women in America due to her husband’s success and their joint ventures.

Who is the richest actress?

With a net worth of $8 billion as of September 2023, Jami Gertz is officially the richest actress in the world, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Gertz is most recognized for her early work in the 1980s when she starred in the TV shows Square Pegs and the films Crossroads, The Lost Boys, and Less Than Zero. She has played small roles in This Is Us and Modern Family more recently.

Jami Gertz’s Net Worth

NameJami Gertz
Net Worth (2024)$8.2 Billion
ProfessionAmerican Actress
Monthly Income$60 Million +
Yearly Income$500 Million +
Acting$250 million
Business$500 million
Investments$4 Billion +
Last Updated2024

Early Life and Acting Beginnings (1965-1980s)

  • Born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 28, 1965, to a Conservative Jewish family.
  • Had aspirations of becoming a figure skater before transitioning to acting in her teens.
  • Debuted in the 1981 film “Endless Love” alongside Tom Cruise.
  • Landed prominent roles in teen comedies like “Sixteen Candles” (1984) and “Square Pegs” (1982-1983) establishing her teen idol status.
  • Transitioned to more mature roles in films like “Less Than Zero” (1987) and the cult classic “The Lost Boys” (1987).


NameJami Gertz
Net Worth$8.2 Billion
Salary$400 Million +
Monthly Income$60 Million +
ProfessionAmerican Actress
Age58 Yrs
HeightAmerican Actress
Yearly Income$500 Million +
Date Of Birth1965-10-28
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
ParentsWalter Gertz, Sharon Gertz

How Much Does Jami Gertz Donate?

Jami Gertz is known for her significant philanthropic contributions, but due to privacy concerns and the variety of causes she supports, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact amount she donates annually. However, here’s some information to understand her giving habits:

High Level of Generosity

  • Jami and her husband, Tony Ressler, were recognized as the top celebrity donors in 2010 by The Giving Back Fund, donating $10.6 million that year.
  • They established the Ressler-Gertz Foundation, which supports various causes like healthcare, education, and the arts.
  • They’ve made substantial donations to organizations like the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Special Olympics, and the American Red Cross.
  • In 2020, they donated $5 million to support Black-owned businesses through the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Current Events

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Hills now has the Ressler-Gertz Family Medical Clinic thanks to a $2 million donation from Jami and Tony Ressler in 2023.

They are still very much involved in the Ressler-Gertz Foundation, which funds grants and initiatives in support of several causes.

Initiatives for affordable housing, arts and culture organizations, and youth development programs have all benefited from recent foundation donations.

Initiatives in Education 


Organizations Supported by Jami Gertz           Focus Area

  1. Cancer research and treatment                            Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation  
  2. Pediatric Healthcare Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  3. Sports and development                                       Special Olympics  
  4. for special needs individuals
  5. Disaster relief and support                                    American Red Cross

Jami Gertz Filmography

1981Endless LovePattyDebut
1982-83Square PegsLaurenLead Role (TV)
1984Sixteen CandlesRobin
1987The Lost BoysStar
1996TwisterDr. Jo Harding
1997-98The RainmakerKelly RikerMiniseries (TV)
1997Face/OffSasha Hassler
2000-02Ally McBealKimmy BishopRecurring Role (TV)
2002-06Still StandingJudy MillerLead Role (TV)
2012-14The NeighborsDebbie WeaverLead Role (TV)
This table focuses on her most notable or commercially successful roles. You can find a more comprehensive filmography online.


Forget Hollywood A-listers, Jami Gertz’s name might surprise you as a billionaire. This article exposes the secrets behind her wealth, unraveling how she transcended acting to build an unexpected financial empire. Click to discover the surprising factors, from savvy investments to a powerful partnership, that redefined her success story.


How much is Jami Gertz worth?

Estimates vary, but her net worth is likely between $6 billion and $8 billion.

 Is Jami Gertz the richest actress in the world?

 No, although she is one of the wealthiest. While acting contributed to her fortune, other factors like her marriage and business ventures play a significant role.

How did Jami Gertz become so rich?

Her wealth stems from a combination of factors:

  • Acting career: Although not top-billed, she had consistent work.
  • Marriage to billionaire Tony Ressler: Their combined wealth significantly impacts her net worth.
  • Co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team: This investment adds substantial value.
  • Other investments through Ressler’s firms: Her specific involvement is unclear.

Is Jami Gertz involved in philanthropy?

 Yes, she and her husband are known for their generous donations to various causes.

Where can I find more information about Jami Gertz’s net worth?

Due to privacy concerns, specific details are limited. News articles, her IMDB page, and philanthropic organizations she supports might offer insights. Remember, respecting her privacy is important.

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