Sharjah Trade License Activities List

Trade licenses in Sharjah are like permission slips for businesses. They are vital because they ensure that firms follow the regulations and operate legally. A trade license demonstrates that a commercial license in Sharjah is legitimate, trustworthy, and permitted to conduct business license in Sharjah. It’s like a seal of approval for businesses to do things correctly and be recognized by the government.

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What is a trade license in Sharjah? Why it is Important?

In Sharjah, a trade license is a mandatory formal document issued by the Economic Development Department. It allows you to do a specific commercial activity within the emirate’s legal framework. 

Here’s an overview of its role:

Authorization: It is a legal permit, allowing you to carry out a specific set of commercial activities. Operating without a license is forbidden.

Regulation: The license ensures that your firm follows government regulations and standards, fostering fair competition and consumer protection.

Market Access: A trade license grants you the right to participate in Sharjah’s economic landscape, allowing you to engage in both local and international trade.

Transparency: The license specifies the permissible actions for your company, ensuring transparency and legal compliance.

Types of trade Licenses in Sharjah Dubai

Trade licenses in Sharjah vary depending on the type of business. For example, a commercial license in Sharjah is for trading goods or services, but an Industrial Trade License is for manufacturing. Professionals such as doctors and consultants obtain a Professional Trade License, while tourism-related firms require a Tourism Trade License. E-commerce businesses utilize an E-commerce Trade License, freelancers a Freelancer Trade License, and foreign company branches use a Branch Trade License. Each license is tailored to the sort of business activity, ensuring that everything is lawful and regulated.

Types of trade Licenses

Type of Trade LicenseDescription
Commercial Trade LicenseFor businesses involved in trading goods or services.
Industrial Trade LicenseFor businesses engaged in manufacturing or industrial activities.
Professional Trade LicenseFor professionals like doctors, engineers, consultants, etc., providing services.
Tourism Trade LicenseFor businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector.
E-commerce Trade LicenseFor businesses operating online platforms for buying and selling goods/services.
Freelancer Trade LicenseFor individuals offering freelance services.
Branch Trade LicenseFor branches of foreign companies operating in Sharjah.
This table summarizes the different types of trade licenses available in Sharjah and their respective descriptions based on the nature of business activities.

Sharjah Trade License Activities List

Trading Activities

Under Manufacturing Activities, you can engage in various manufacturing 

These Include:

  • Import and export of goods
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • General trading activities

Eligibility Criteria For Trading Activities

EligibilityIndividuals or companies engaged in buying, selling, or trading goods.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, passport copies, business plan, lease agreement.
FeesVary based on the type and scale of trading activities.
Regulations/RestrictionsCompliance with import/export regulations, quality standards, and customs procedures.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Trading Activities in Sharjah.

Manufacturing Activities

This list contains a variety of categories, including trading, manufacturing, services, contracting, tourism, e-commerce, freelancing, and overseas company branches.

  • Production of goods
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Industrial activities

It is critical to observe environmental and safety regulations to operate a factory lawfully and properly in Sharjah.

Eligibility Criteria For Manufacturing Activities

EligibilityEntities involved in the production or manufacturing of goods.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, detailed business plan, environmental approvals, lease agreement, product certifications.
FeesDependent on the nature and scale of manufacturing operations.
Regulations/RestrictionsAdherence to environmental regulations, safety standards, and industrial zoning laws.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Manufacturing Activities in Sharjah.

Service-Based Activities

Service-based activities include a wide range of professional, technical, and educational services given by doctors, engineers, consultants, and institutions that provide maintenance, repair, training, and academic programs.

These Include:

  • Professional services (doctors, engineers, consultants)
  • Technical services (maintenance, repair)
  • Educational services

Eligibility Criteria For Service-Based Activities

EligibilityProfessionals offering services such as healthcare, engineering, or consultancy.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, professional qualifications, NOC from relevant authorities, lease agreement.
FeesDetermined by the type and scope of services provided.
Regulations/RestrictionsLicensing requirements specific to each professional field, adherence to professional codes of conduct.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Service-Based Activities in Sharjah.

Contracting Trade Licenses Activities in Sharjah

Contracting Activities allow you to work on a variety of construction, engineering, and infrastructure projects, such as contracts for buildings, roads, and other development activities.

These Include:

  • Construction contracts
  • Engineering contracts
  • Building and infrastructure projects

Eligibility Criteria For Contracting Trade Licenses Activities in Sharjah

EligibilityContractors undertaking construction, engineering, or infrastructure projects.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, project approvals, contractor qualifications, NOC from regulatory bodies.
FeesBased on project size, contract value, and contracting classification.
Regulations/RestrictionsCompliance with building codes, safety regulations, and contractual obligations.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Contracting Activities in Sharjah.

Tourism and Hospitality Activities

Tourism and Hospitality Activities include a variety of services such as hotels, travel companies, and tour guides.

These include:

  • Hotels and accommodation services
  • Travel agencies
  • Tourist guide services

Eligibility Criteria For Tourism and Hospitality Activities

EligibilityBusinesses in the tourism, hotel, or travel sectors.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, tourism/hotel permits, NOC from tourism authorities, lease agreement.
FeesVaried based on the type and scale of tourism services offered.
Regulations/RestrictionsCompliance with tourism laws, quality standards, and guest accommodation regulations.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Tourism and Hospitality Activities in Sharjah.

E-commerce Activities

E-commerce Activities include online shopping, digital services, and e-commerce platform operations.

These include:

  • Business licenses in Sharjah
  • Online retail
  • Digital services
  • E-commerce platforms

Eligibility Criteria For  E-commerce Activities

EligibilityOnline businesses engaged in selling products or services digitally.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, e-commerce platform details, payment gateway approvals, privacy policies.
FeesDetermined by e-commerce platform features, transaction volumes, and business model.
Regulations/RestrictionsCompliance with e-commerce laws, data protection regulations, and online payment security standards.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for E-commerce Activities in Sharjah.

Freelancing Activities:

Freelancing Activities includes a variety of freelancing services such as writing, designing, consulting, and internet platforms.

These Include:

  • Freelance writing/designing
  • Consulting services
  • Online freelancing platforms

Eligibility Criteria For Freelancing Activities

EligibilityIndividuals offering freelance services in various fields.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, portfolio/resume, client contracts, NOC from relevant authorities.
FeesDepending on the freelance service type and scope.
Regulations/RestrictionsAdherence to freelance licensing requirements, tax obligations, and professional ethics.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Freelancing Activities in Sharjah.

Branches of Foreign Companies

Foreign company branches operating in Sharjah

Eligibility Criteria For Foreign company branches

EligibilityForeign companies establishing branches or subsidiaries in Sharjah.
Required DocumentsTrade license application, parent company documents, business plan, NOC from UAE authorities.
FeesBased on branch activities, company size, and branch classification.
Regulations/RestrictionsCompliance with UAE company laws, reporting requirements, and corporate governance standards.
This table summarizes the eligibility criteria, required documents, fees, and regulations/restrictions for Branches of Foreign Companies in Sharjah.

How To Register a Company In Sharjah?

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Fill out the trade license application form.
  2. Apply the required documents to the relevant government authority.
  3. Authorities verify submitted documents and conduct inspections if necessary.
  4. Pay the required fees for trade license processing.
  5. Authorities review the application for compliance and approve it if all requirements are met.
  6. Receive the trade license indicating legal authorization to conduct business activities.
  7. Renew the trade license annually, if applicable, by submitting updated documents and paying renewal fees.

Trade licenses in Sharjah are governed by federal regulations, including the UAE Commercial Companies Law and Federal Law No. 13 of 2006 on Business Registration and Licensing.

Local rules are overseen by the Department of Economic Development (DED), Municipality Authorities, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Businesses must apply for trade licenses through the DED and meet particular standards depending on the type of license they want (commercial, industrial, professional, tourism, e-commerce, freelancing).

Compliance with industry-specific rules is critical, including health and safety standards, zoning legislation, and professional codes of behavior.

Noncompliance may result in penalties, fines, or the suspension/revocation of the trading license.

Here are the current trends in industries covered by trade licenses in Sharjah:

  • Hospitality and Tourism: Growing focus on sustainability and digital experiences.
  • E-commerce and Online Retail: Increased online shopping and advanced tech adoption.
  • Freelancing and Consulting: Rise in remote work and specialization.
  • Construction and Contracting: Emphasis on sustainability and digital project management.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial: Automation and sustainable practices are key.
  • Service-Based Industries: Telehealth, online education, and digital services are thriving.


Finally, Sharjah’s trade license activities list demonstrates a broad and lively economic climate. Businesses can grow and succeed by focusing on sustainability, digitalization, and innovation across diverse sectors. Adapting to market trends and regulatory constraints is critical for seizing these possibilities and contributing to Sharjah’s economic success.


How can I open a Sharjah trade license?

  1. Choose business activities aligned with regulations.
  2. Select a suitable company structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership).
  3. Choose a unique trade name and ensure it complies with naming guidelines.
  4. Gather required documents: passport copies, Emirates IDs, NOC if needed, lease agreement, business plan, and application form.
  5. Apply with fees to the DED or relevant authority.
  6. Await review and approval.
  7. Receive your trade license upon approval.

How much does it cost to get a business license in Sharjah?

A business license in Sharjah costs between AED 5,000 and AED 20,000 or more, depending on the type of firm and its structure. Please contact DED for specific pricing.

How to start a shop in Sharjah?

  1. Develop a business plan.
  2. Choose a legal structure.
  3. Select a unique trade name.
  4. Find a suitable location and secure a lease.
  5. Apply for a trade license from DED.
  6. Obtain necessary approvals and permits.
  7. Set up the interior of your shop.
  8. Hire and train staff.
  9. Source inventory and establish supplier relationships.
  10. Develop a marketing strategy.
  11. Prepare for the shop’s opening day.

Can I add activities to my existing trade license in Sharjah?

Yes, you can add activities to your existing trade license in Sharjah by submitting an amendment application with the necessary documents and fees to the DED or relevant authority.

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