How to Become a Moderator on YouTube in 2024

Our method of consuming video content has been completely transformed by the website YouTube. With millions of users across the globe, moderation is essential. YouTube Moderators are essential to ensure that community norms are followed. However, This comprehensive tutorial will provide all the information you need to get started to become a YouTube Moderator.

This guide has all the information you need to become a YouTube moderator, whether your questions are about the work requirements, prerequisites for qualifications, or abilities needed. We’ll also look at how to apply, possibilities for training and growth, and the advantages of working as a YouTube Moderator. We’ll also talk about some of the moderators’ typical difficulties and how to solve them.

What is the role of a moderator on YouTube?

The task of examining and regulating user-generated content on YouTube falls to moderators. In addition to enforcing / and responding to user complaints and reports, they also take down hate speech, spam, and other objectionable content and keep the YouTube community safe and civil.

Understanding the Purpose of a YouTube Moderator

Understanding the Purpose of a YouTube Moderator

The task of keeping an eye on and regulating the content published on the YouTube network falls to a moderator. They make sure that all content complies with YouTube’s rules and take down any offensive or dangerous content, such as violence, pornography, and hate speech.

A YouTube moderator should be well-versed in the platform’s moderation criteria, as they offer a precise definition of permissible content. The goal of moderators is to keep the YouTube community safe and to make sure that the platform continues to be beneficial for both artists and viewers.

Advantages of being a YouTube moderator

Advantages of being a YouTube moderator

Promoting a positive online atmosphere: Moderators are essential in creating a polite, safe community where people feel free to express themselves.

Acquiring useful skills: The abilities acquired as a moderator, like content management, communication, and dispute resolution, can be applied to other positions.

Networking opportunities: Getting involved in the YouTube community and engaging with content creators might lead to new relationships and business ventures.

Flexibility and remote work options: Working from home is a common perk of many YouTube moderator positions, which helps people make the most of their schedules.

Essential Skills for a YouTube Moderator

  • Communication: Articulate clearly, both written and verbally.
  • Conflict Resolution: Diffuse tense situations and facilitate respectful discussions.
  • Community Management: Engage with viewers, build positive relationships, and enforce guidelines.
  • Critical Thinking: Make quick decisions based on YouTube policies and community values.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Understand diverse viewpoints and navigate interactions respectfully.
  • Technical Skills: Basic understanding of YouTube tools and moderation features (beneficial).
  • Passion: Genuine interest in the channel’s content and community (crucial).

Bonus: Resilience, emotional intelligence, and time management are highly valued assets.

How Much Money Are Paid For Chat Moderators?

How Much Money Are Paid For Chat Moderators?

According to ZipRecruiter, the 90th percentile of earnings makes $53,500, while the median wage for a chat moderator is $25,250. Similarly, Chat moderator wages often fall between the 25th and 75th percentiles, between $25,250 and $41,500, respectively.


Needed Procedures

Certainly, To be eligible for a moderator position, you must take the following actions. Kindly write

1. Channel/Creator Level

  • Seek opportunities: Explore Discord servers, the “About” section of channels you enjoy, or social media posts where creators might announce openings.
  • Develop relevant skills: Hone your communication, community management, conflict resolution, and knowledge of YouTube guidelines.
  • Showcase your passion: Engage with the channel regularly, contribute positively, and demonstrate genuine interest in its values and content.
  • Apply: When openings arise, submit a well-written application highlighting your skills, experience, and alignment with the channel’s values.

2. Volunteer Opportunities

  • Search platforms: Look for channels offering volunteer moderation roles, often advertised on social media or within their communities.
  • Gain experience: View these as invaluable learning opportunities to build your portfolio and refine your skills.
  • Network and connect: Utilize volunteering to get noticed by creators and potentially land paid roles in the future.

3. Freelance and Third-Party Platforms

  • Explore services: Websites like Fiverr or Upwork might offer freelance moderation opportunities, though research their legitimacy carefully.
  • Build connections: Network with other freelance moderators for potential collaborations or referrals.
  • Develop a professional portfolio: Showcase your experience, skills, and testimonials to attract clients.

As a Moderator, What Will You Do?

  • Real-time monitoring of discussions and comments on our YouTube channel.
  • Maintain a courteous and secure environment by upholding the rules and regulations of the community.
  • Interact politely and professionally with the audience.
  • Address community complaints by working together with content creators and other team members.
  • Send the management team regular updates on community involvement and comments.

Remain still! There isn’t a direct $30/hour position for a YouTube Moderator

The truth is as follows

However, Moderators are not directly hired by YouTube.

Moderator positions are usually for YouTube producers and channels, not YouTube itself.

For entry-level jobs, pay varies widely and rarely surpasses $30 per hour.

Still, you can advance to moderator status by

Getting in touch with your favourite creators: Look for job openings on their “About” or social media pages.

  1. Volunteering: Acquire expertise with platforms that provide unpaid positions for moderators.
  2. Freelancing: Look into websites like Upwork or Fiverr, but do your homework beforehand.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a YouTube Moderator

Make a positive impact: Shape a safe and respectful online community.Emotional challenges: Deal with negativity, trolls, and difficult situations.
Develop valuable skills: Hone communication, conflict resolution, and community management.Time commitment: Can be demanding, depending on the channel and frequency.
Network and connect: Interact with creators, viewers, and other moderators.Limited earning potential: Entry-level roles rarely reach $30/hour.
Flexible work options: Work from home and set your schedule (for some roles).Indirect opportunities: No direct hiring through YouTube itself.
Learn about different communities: Immerse yourself in diverse content and interests.Variable experience: Quality and expectations vary greatly across channels.

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Who Pays YouTubers?

YouTubers can get compensated via several platforms, such as

  1. Advertisements: Through the YouTube Partner Program, content creators can make money from the adverts that appear in their videos.
  2. Brand collaborations and sponsorships: YouTubers can work with companies to promote or feature products in their videos in exchange for cash.
  3. Channel memberships and fan funding: Through direct contributions or channel memberships, viewers can help support YouTubers.
  4. Sales of merchandise: To make money, a lot of YouTubers offer branded goods like apparel and accessories.
  5. Digital goods and courses: A few YouTubers produce and market digital goods that are relevant to their speciality, including e-books or online courses.

Final Remark

To summarize, For those who want to be a part of a lively online community, becoming a YouTube moderator is an exciting option. Don’t forget to fulfil the employment requirements, learn the required abilities, and adhere to the instructions given in this article. There are plenty of networking chances available should you want to further enhance your talents, and applying for employment is a simple process.


What are the job requirements to become a YouTube Moderator?

You must fulfil specific employment qualifications, such as having exceptional communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and the capacity to handle sensitive information, to work as a YouTube Moderator.

What skills do I need?

Communication, conflict resolution, and community management are key. Bonus points for technical knowledge & cultural sensitivity. Passion for the channel is crucial.

How much do they earn?

Pay varies greatly, rarely reaching $30/hour for beginners. Prioritize passion, not high pay.

How much do YouTube chat moderators get paid?

The payment for YouTube chat moderators can vary widely depending on several factors, including the moderator’s experience, the volume of work, and the organization they work for. Hourly rates for YouTube chat moderators can range from $10 to $25 or more, depending on the complexity and demands of the role.

Is it flexible?

Some channel roles offer flexibility but require commitment and online hours.

What are the challenges?

Dealing with negativity, trolls, and emotional situations. Be prepared for challenges.

Is it right for me?

Enjoy building positive online spaces? Have the skills? It can be rewarding. But be realistic about expectations and challenges.

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