how to sell products on Daraz

The internet is a luxury for which we are all undoubtedly thankful in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. We can now all stay in touch and complete everyday tasks like grocery shopping via a single platform.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of people worldwide prefer to shop online given that practically everything has moved to internet platforms. In Pakistan, Daraz is the most popular e-commerce platform. You can sell your goods on Daraz in addition to using it as an online shopping platform.

Daraz, the largest e-commerce platform in South Asia, has over 100 categories with 20 million products available on its website.  In addition to serving as a virtual marketplace for hundreds of thousands of buyers, it also gives millions of vendors a platform to reach a global audience with their goods.  

Daraz is the platform you should be using to market and sell your product if you are a potential seller with a product that has the potential to become a successful small business venture for you. Here’s how you use Daraz to create a reliable businesshow to sell products on Daraz

How to Sell on Daraz in Pakistan

Daraz. pk is the place to go if you want to launch Apna Karobar and join Pakistan’s most well-known online retailer. You can create a Daraz seller account and begin selling products online in Pakistan with the Daraz seller centre! Don’t worry if you’re unclear about the procedure or how to sell on Daraz. Becoming a Daraz seller is a rather easy process. How can I use Daraz to sell things online in Pakistan? Three easy steps: sign up, post your products, sell and accept orders throughout Pakistan, collect payments, and expand your company. Simply visit the sell-on Daraz website on Daraz. pk to find out more about the procedure. 

Sell Your Items on Daraz in 3 Simple Steps

1-Setting Up a Daraz Seller Account

Go to and click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the page, or select “Sell on Daraz,” to list your products for sale. 

This will take you instantly to a different page with four options:  

Local seller, global seller, and seller of digital goods on DarazMall 

Every option has a set of features that it allows described with it. You’ll be able to categorize the goods you wish to sell on Daraz thanks to this. Go over those carefully and decide which one best fits your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of what each choice has to offer: 

If you are a licensed business owner or manage a registered company, DarazMall Seller is the ideal choice for you.  

Local Seller: This option is best for sellers who do not have a license.  

Global Seller: This is your best option if you want to expand the market for your product outside of Pakistan and you already have a successful company.  

Digital Good Seller: Choose this option if you wish to offer digital goods.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred option, you’ll need to fill out a form with the following information.  

Shop Name: Choose a name for your store that is brief and simple to say. On the website, you will be identified in this manner.  

Mobile Number: Since prospective clients will reach you on this number, you must give a mobile number that you carry with you at all times.  

Password: To keep your account secret, create a simple yet distinctive password.  

Email: Type in your work email address, which you check frequently. You will receive all of your billing information and details here.  

Verification: To demonstrate that you are a real person and not a robot, you will need to slide an arrow.  

Terms & Conditions: After carefully reading the terms and conditions, check the box at the end of the form. After completing that, the sign-up procedure will be finished, and you can proceed. 

2-Register and list your products.

  1. Visit the Daraz website, register, and add your products to the directory.
  2. Give your contact and business information.
  3. Give details about the goods you wish to offer on Daraz.

After that, you’ll be taken to your dashboard where you may add the goods you want to sell.  

Select “Products” and keep your cursor over it. There is a “Add products” option. To continue and add the details, click the appropriate option.  

Category: Selecting the appropriate category for your goods is crucial. You will also receive recommendations from the website regarding the category to select.  

Product Name: Give your product a short, catchy name that will make it obvious to consumers.  

Brand: Please provide the brand name here if your product is part of one; if not, select “No Brand.” 

Video URL: Most merchants have a video on their website that goes over the features or descriptions of the product. Leave this field empty if you don’t have a video like that. If you do, enter the URL.  

Highlights: For ease of reading, it is a good idea to list your product’s salient characteristics in this section in bullet form.  

Products Basics: The information in this part should include the model, kind, generation, and other fundamental details of your product.  

What’s in the box: It’s critical to include the most precise information possible in this area on every item a customer will receive when they buy your goods. All the items you list here need to be in your box, and it shouldn’t include any false information.  

Media: You may upload up to eight realistic images of your product here. Make sure to use these to highlight as much of your goods as you can.  

Availability: To indicate that this item is available for grabs, you should activate this option. Make sure to turn this off in case your item runs out of stock.  

Cost and Volume: Decide on a fair and acceptable price for your item. 

Service and Delivery: Here, you can include details about the package, such as its dimensions, weight, and guarantee. 

3-Advertising Your Items on Daraz

Even though your website advertises your products on its own, it is always a good idea to market your 

product in order to differentiate it from the competition. Not only can personal marketing help you sell more products on Daraz, but it will also help you become known as a vendor. You may accomplish it in a variety of ways, like by targeting the appropriate demographic, producing and promoting your product on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others, and publishing a blog post highlighting its unique features.  

After you have completed uploading your products, there are a few things you should remember:

  1. After your goods is sold, Daraz will hold your payment for a minimum of fifteen days. You will receive your money back less the commission that Daraz will keep for itself if the reviews are positive and your product is free of penalties.
  2. For the shipment process, you have two options: use Daraz Mall or come up with your own plan.  


Receive the payment of your order directly in your account

Finally, start expanding your business with more sales!

Bonus Tip

To obtain insightful knowledge and effective marketing tactics, peruse Daraz University’s extensive materials and seller workshops.

Growing your business

Track Performance: Examine sales information for your store, determine what products sell the best, and tweak your listings in response to comments from customers.

Extend Your Product Line: Bring in new lines of business in response to consumer demand and industry changes.

Keep Up to Date: To stay on top of things, familiarize yourself with Daraz’s platform upgrades, seller policies, and promotions.

How can I upload my product on Daraz?

After logging in, go to your Daraz Seller Center account’s homepage, choose “Products,” and then choose “Add Products.” Your product will be posted once you fill in all the necessary information about it, including a description, at the bottom of the page and click “Submit.


How to start selling on Daraz?

Step 1 is to register on The first step in creating a Daraz seller account is to register on

2: Complete the online registration form.

3: Enter Your Company’s Details.

4: Include Products.

5: Get Your Sales Going.

Is Daraz free for sellers?

A tiny proportion of commission is subtracted by Daraz from the money you pay for your orders. The commission for each product varies according to the category it belongs in.

Can I get paid by Daraz?

Daraz In-App Purchases and Wallet
The Daraz app provides a number of ways to make money without having to invest, including cashback. Provides Savings. Referral Bonuses.

Is Daraz Pakistan making a profit?

For the eight years that it has been operating in Pakistan, Daraz has continuously lost money despite the staggering numbers. We still have three or four years to go before we break even or start turning a profit. Over the past few years, growth has been the main focus. We have been developing the ecosystem and taking market share.

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